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💘 Doomr 🪦

Finally, a dating app for the last generation.

Forget your star sign.

Instead, on Doomr, you’ll match based on the signs of the times. Here, your crippling anxieties aren’t private or shameful, they’re manifestations of your individuality.

Pick the threat to civilization that you dread the most:

  • Artificial Intelligence 🤖
  • Bioterrorism ☣️
  • Climate Catastrophe 🌡️
  • Nuclear War ☢️
  • Societal Collapse 🏦
Doom Selection ↑

Flirt with death.

On Doomr, the end of all things might just be the start of your fling. Open with a disturbing graph or passage from your favorite morbid research paper and see where the conversation takes you.

Please note: there are no filters of any kind for potential matches on Doomr, because you don’t have time to be picky.** We are aware that this policy creates a number of challenges, and we are working hard to address them.***

For now, our recommended workaround is to remain open to possibility, especially for Doomrs who wish to only match with people who share their end-of-the-worldview. Though not without pitfalls, cross-modality doomsdating can be both fresh and intellectually enriching! However, some pairings work better than others, so we recommend checking your compatibility below before investing what little time you have left into a match.

What if my match’s concern is…?

Pick a Doom ⬆️
Pick a Doom ⬆️
Pick a Doom ⬆️
Pick a Doom ⬆️
Partner Doom Selection ↑

Pick your match’s Doom ⬆

Want to meet your match before you meet your demise?